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Indie rock band M60 formed from various towns across Greater Manchester. Started by school friends Matthew Morton (vocals/ guitar) and Bradley Smith (drums) in 2015. They were later joined by Sam Mansfield (lead guitar) and Max Phillips (bass). The four-piece are in the game of creating guitar-led noise with an undeniable Manc twang which takes shape in the form of energetic and anthemic tunes.

M60 came onto the scene in 2016 with their debut single Honey showing a youthful exuberance and early signs of promise. Most notably though, the band showed real signs of maturity with their 2018 release ‘I Don’t Mind’. Finding the sweet spot of indie rock with an infectious bassline and a melodic guitar.

With four UK tours completed across 2021 and 2022 culminating in a huge sell out show at Gorilla in Manchester in March 2023. The band have set a foundation throughout the UK and have seen an increase in popularity through their newer work ‘Day by Day’ , Butlins & Darling

After going along to their sellout Gorilla gig back in March, we didn’t quite know what to expect but after witnessing it first-hand, we learned three things: they sound even better live, they’re destined for big things and they’re absolutely insatiable fans are going to take them there.

The Manc

Previous releases such as ‘I Don’t Mind’, with catchy melodic sounds and unmistakably indie lyricism, have put the band on display in-and-out of the Manchester music scene.

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